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The Clearing Music Festival 2018

the Clearing Music Festival

It started with beer. And the sun. Beer, the sun, boredom, a giant prickle bush and time on their hands... The Clearing...

They saw that it was good and they saw the horses. The horses left the grass after they left, and when they returned, they brought the music.

The music brought the people. The people smiled. Smiling and building, the people danced and had beer and food. Cooking the food as they did, the people decided to erect. They came in one way and left the same way...

One person chuckled and chopped a path - a hole! A cheese hole to a different place differently made, smaller yet similar. It was good. It continued.

More people came. It was good. Then things changed and then no one came. Time happened and there was none. But then...

The time has come for another gathering on Saturday August 25th, 2018. For invitations, contact Big1 Productions:

Please Remember

  • Private function, entry by invitation only
  • 9 bands + 7 hours of music
  • Partial proceeds go to BC Wildlife Federation and BC Cancer Foundation
  • Food available at the event, burgers and more
  • Blankets & chairs allowed, encouraged
  • Tents & RV campers allowed overnight
  • Family friendly environment
  • Easy access to buses across street

   Please come out and help us support the BC Wildlife Federation and BC Cancer Foundation.
   Brought to you by Big1 Productions. Giving you the big one, because we can...